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Invest Your Spare Change In High Potential Startups 

Seedly plans to allow anyone to invest in startups, not just accredited investors.

What is Seedly?

Invest spare change from everyday purchases.

Watch your investments grow with the success of your startups.

Your startup portfolio will be professionally managed as you invest alongside lead angel investors.

Visual Growth

Professionally  Managed

Invest Spare Change

Seedly allows anyone to invest their spare change from everyday purchases or direct amounts in startups. With Seedly, you can start building your startup portfolio in as little as a few minutes. It is free to get started and we only charge a $2 monthly fee after your first investment. 

Why is Seedly better?

Seedly is investing in start ups made easy. No paperwork. No deal flow issues. You don’t need to know the next Google or Facebook. We find it for you and you just spend money as you usually do.

What's the Seedly advantage?

Leading Today's Startup Investments